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Ted Pedersen

Pratheepan Raveendranathan


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Google-Hack is a Perl package that does a number of interesting things using the Google API. The package interacts with Google, retrives query results, and even has the ability to do basic Natural Language Processing. To use this package, you need to have a Google API ID, and the Google API *.WSDL File. You can register for this service and download the required materials @

Google-hack is written in Perl, and the source code is distributed under the GNU CopyLeft.


This project implements various functions that interact with Google:

Basic functionalities such as,
  1. Allow the user to to query Google
  2. Retrive Spelling Suggestions
  3. Retrieve CACHED web pages in a readable format
  4. Retrieve Number of hits
  5. Retrieve Time Taken for Query


Advanced Functionalities that Do Language Processing,
  1. Given a two words, the program tries to predict if the words are related to each other or not.
  2. Given a review (such as automobile reviews, movie review etc), the program tries to predict if the review has a positive or negative recommendation.
  3. Tries to predict the Semantic Orientation of words (such as, positive or negative association)


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